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Ocean Free Allergy (AlloreQ care) Comforter 3pc Set

Ocean Free Allergy (AlloreQ care) Comforter 3pc Set

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[스페셜  차렵이불 + 베게커버: 북미 사이즈 맞춤 제품]

Microfiber yarn, the density of the fabric is excellent, Reversible design Blue / White color pattern

Super care for your skin with special allergy care processing from P.H.G homefashion AllerQ.

Much less hygroscopic and dust.

Super soft and light thru washing and steaming process              
Great for all seasons  

Keep long same condition   


This Soft and plush comforter is filled sterilized and hypoallergenic                microfiber filling povides you the best year-round comfort and keep you safe from dust mites                



1 Comforter (220*230cm)

2 Pillowcases (50*70cm)        

* This comforter great for both King or Queen high mattress

Check the item size detail


Shell/Extérieur: 100% Polyester

Filling/Remplissage:100% Microfiber (Polyester)


Made in Korea      


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